Why don’t you cash out the cards yourselves?

We execute. Just not each and every one; it would be far too unsafe. According to the “About” page, “giving the money away” is only a technique for us to secure ourselves by ensuring that the cards aren’t being cashed out by us in a single location. It makes it simpler for us to safely pay them out. We also can’t truly pay them all out since the volume of shady cash stolen from the ATMs would draw unwelcome attention and maybe trigger an extensive investigation.

How can I order cards?

Select and pay for. After payment write clone[email protected] the transaction number, item and delivery address.

How to pay?

The only form of payment we accept is bitcoin, to ensure the highest anonymity of both us and you. This is not negotiable.

What are the card balances?

You can see balance of cards in our pricing list quickly!

Where can I get Bitcoins?

They are available for purchase on several clearnet bitcoin markets. We personally endorse localbitcoins.com, coinbase.com, or spectrocoin.com as excellent resources.

A direct payment?

You can pay BTC wallet: After payment, send the transaction number and shipping address.

How do I get PIN?

Every card comes with it’s 4 digit PIN written separately on a piece of paper. If you lose it for any reason, you can mail us your order number and we’ll send you the PIN via email.

Can I use the cards online?

Yes, VISA / Master Card / American Express prepaid cards working very well with online stores, ATMs, offline stores.

Can I receive the dumps of the cards digitally?

That is certainly doable. We will provide you the card information in an encrypted email that we will send to you. You will save money on shipping but won’t get the actual card that way. Additionally, you will receive the dumps much more quickly—in as little as 2 hours after we confirm the purchase.

What if I want to cash out in a different currency than USD?

The balances on the cards will be automatically converted based on the current exchange rates, along with a modest charge that we have no control over. Since it is not much, we can assure you that it won’t be very painful.

How safe are those cards in reality?

MasterCard, VISA, and American Express Even if utilising prepaid cards carries no danger at all, you don’t really need to keep your identity a secret. It’s preferable to use them with as little suspicion as possible. Unless you’re a superstar or anything, no one can find you just by looking at you.

What is difference between a cloned card and prepaid card?

A “CLONED CARD” is a card whose information has been duplicated using a specialised tool called a “ATM Skimmer” or by breaking into online credit card databases. The card is connected to the user’s bank account. A PREPAID CARD is a card that may be used anyplace that accepts a Visa or MasterCard; however, it differs from these cards in that its usage is fully anonymous because it is not connected to any bank account and lacks any personal information.

Do I need to give you my full address?

No. You are not required to have them delivered to your door immediately. Where you want the cards sent is entirely up to you. You may, for instance, have them delivered to a post office or courier service.

Can I use it online? | Can I use it for online payments?

Yes, you can. You can use our cards for online shopping or other online payments

What is the expiration date of those cards?

Prepaid VISA cards should last for two to three years. We promise you won’t run out of time to pay out your counterfeit cards because they endure for a few years. We’ll send you a new card for no cost if the original is blocked before you can use it.

Is it possible to refill the prepaid card?

Technically speaking, we could do that, but we won’t. To avoid suspicion and leave as few traces as possible, recharges are not offered. Going through all the verification steps only to reload the card is quite troublesome. The recharge limit is relatively low, therefore it’s best to purchase a fresh card with no previous transaction history for the protection of both you and us. Due to the enormous recharge quantities, we don’t want it to be blocked or draw any unwanted attention.

How do you proof that you are legit?

We have been in business since 2020, and you can trust that we are genuine based on the professionalism of our team members and the comments of our satisfied customers. We’ll give you your money back if you don’t receive any cards.